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Saturday, February 18, 2012

On Birthdays and Teenagers

I thank God for Camp Harvest, the best place on Earth according to my kids. I thank God for an awesomely fun youth ministry that pours into my children the things of God. I thank God for goofy teens as there is nothing in the world quite like them and I will be very sorry when I find myself without their company.

My daughter's 16th birthday landed on the day she went to winter camp this year. Nothing could have made her happier. She told me when I picked her up, "Next year I'll turn 17, my Golden Birthday, on the second day of Winter Camp. The year after, I'll turn 18 on the last day of Winter Camp. You are going to drop off a child and pick up an adult. How weird is that?"


Great Casi, I kinda' feel like puking now.

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