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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conservative Is As Conservative Does

Romney is coming out with a "bold" new, flatter tax plan.


People, this is why this drawn-out primary race is good for us. It is giving us - the ignored every-man, the Tea Party/Regan Conservative - a loud, powerful voice.

The establishment wanted this thing wrapped up for Romney after Florida. They knew that was his only chance at winning this thing. They planned to swamp his foes with negative and downright false advertisements and to overwhelm any opposition with their well-monied machine. That was their plan because they knew Romney couldn't win on issues or substance. You know, "Democrats fall in love with their candidate, Republicans fall in line" and all that Barbara Streisand.

Too bad, warriors like Newt, Santorum and Paul either did not get that message or ignored it.

His tax plan was a piece of crap, same-old same-old, and they tried to make us choke on it. It belied his progressive leanings. Now, in order to stay viable, we have forced him to the right. He's suddenly seen the light and is going to propose a flatter system. I actually hope it is fantastic. I hope his tax plan forces his opponents to the right of him.

Again, whoo-hooo and amen! Now, let's hold is feet to the fire.

He should have proposed a serious, fiscally-conservative, free-market tax plan to begin with and then he could have pointed to that to inform voters of his conservative ideals.

Well, better late than never. And Santorum, I'm talking about you!

by C. C. Kurzeja 2012 All Rights Reserved

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