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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Newt And Isabel On Energy

"It may be set down as an axiom that in a clash between two nations or cultures, if one uses a higher potential of energy than the other, that one must win."
Isabel Paterson - The God of the Machine

Isabel Paterson, the framer of the modern libertarian movement, in her groundbreaking tome about energy and the political mechanisms in which it is channeled, The God Of The Machine, explained the plight of the American Native this way, "The subjugation of the native American races was a foregone conclusion, because Europe used a much higher potential of energy. The people of the most advanced American culture did not even employ animal traction, and had not invented the wheel, nor come to the iron age. They traveled afoot, and were their own beasts of burden. Their mode of the conversion of energy was the human body and manual appliances. Their terror of the European invaders with horses and fire-arms is usually attributed to stupefaction at the mere strangeness of the phenomena. It was rather the intelligent apprehension of a stepped-up power they could not match." (emphasis mine)

The modern liberal would have us believe that the indigenous Americans were wide-eyed, simple minded and, above all pure in heart, (of course, because no person has ever been swindled by succumbing to a base desire to have what one has not worked for) and the ruthless European cheated and stole from them by exploiting their good nature and limited intellect.

Never mind the soft bigotry inherent in that assumption.

The European may have been ruthless and dishonest and the American Native may have been wide-eyed and pure. The Christian - and anyone else possessing even the smallest grasp of human nature - will have to acknowledge that sin and virtue resided in both classes of people and manifested accordingly in their dealings.

But here is the thrust of Isabel's axiom and it bears the scrutiny of centuries and myriad diverse societies, that no amount of trickery or abuse could have subjugated a higher source of energy output to a lower. The natives were vulnerable not because they had no guile, but because they had no industry. Any victory the European gained upon settling the shores of America would have been small and short lived if the natives had had an energy conduit equal or superior to the enterprise capitalism that carried Columbus to the New World in search of a new trade route.

Another misconception is that our white diseases wiped them out. This is but partial truth. It was their lack of any energy conduit to speak of that created a static society. In their insulated existence, they hadn't the opportunity that the Europeans did, after centuries of trading in foreign lands, to build up their immunities.

But the greater truth is that small pox kills white people, too. However, America, with our vast conduits of energy routes that spanned the distance of the globe and of the decades, being firmly planted in the most stable of all foundations, that of private property, was able to manufacture a cure for the disease and thereby bless all people of all languages for all time.

Energy conduits are measured in societies by the distance they travel over space and time. Remember that as you watch this very important video on energy by Newt Gingrich.

Currently, the left is doing everything in its power to shorten our energy conduit in America. This will leave our eventual subjugation to those powers who are developing energy conduits a foregone conclusion. There is a lot more at stake here than merely the price of gasoline at the gas pump.

by C. C. Kurzeja 2012 All Rights Reserved

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