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Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Which The Blond Melts Down

Overheard by an unkown man on WLS radio this morning on Ann Coulter whom he referred to as "Howard Stern's Sister": I will sell all of her books for a penny. I would donate them but I don't think I could find anyone who would actually read them. So, therefore, I will sell all of her books for a penny and I will never buy another one again.
[Standing Ovation! Wild Applause Ensues.]

Mmmm, sweetheart, about your "Most Conservative Candidate In The Race" Barbara Streisand regarding Mitt Romney, nobody's buying it no matter how many times you say it, on how many tv shows, regardless of how many times you toss your blond hair around or roll your big blue eyes.

He balanced the budget without raising taxes, you claim? An Associated Press fact check disagrees: "Romney largely held the line on tax increases but the record is mixed. Massachusetts raised business taxes by $140 million with measures mostly recommended by Romney. As well, the Republican governor and Democratic lawmakers raised hundreds of millions of dollars from higher fees and fines, another form of taxation. Romney himself proposed raising nearly $60 million by creating 33 new fees and increasing 57 others. Anti-tax advocates praised his support for income tax cuts while objecting to his course on business taxes and fees."

Oh, yeah, Ann, tax business and cha-ching people to death with fees and nobody will ever suspect you're really a progressive.

You write, with no apparent sense of irony: "Romney pushed the conservative alternative to national health care that, had it been adopted in the 49 other states, would have killed Obamacare in the crib by solving the health insurance problem at the state level."

Are you kidding me? [double-take] Are you kidding me???

Okay. Mitt really is for the private sector, but instead he imposed upon the free peoples of MA an abominable tyranny called Romneycare that he ardently defends to this day. And I don't care that it was passed by a plurality at the time. That bill effects all citizens for all time. It does not have an expiration date. It does not twilight after the current voters are no longer around to happily milk their neighbors for healthcare. It applies to all future citizens for all time, none of whom will ever be offered a say in it. This is truly Democracy at work and why our Founding Father's referred to that form of government as Mobocracy.

Newt is calling for an open and thorough audit of the Fed as well a greatly reducing its size and power.

Newt is for reducing the Dept. of Education to about 10% of what it is today, relegating it to research.

Newt is for demolishing the EPA.

Newt is for a 12.5% corporate income tax, allowing 100% expensing of new equipment and a 15% optional flat tax. Boom-shack-lacka!! By contrast, Mitt's tax plan is so conservative he's had to scratch it in light of his un-inevitability, and come up with something that's actually, you know, kinda' conservative.

Newt is for having an optional plan to privatize social security.

There is a true Conservative in this race Ann. Get on board. It's not too late.

by C. C. Kurzeja 2012 All Rights Reserved

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