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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Electability Lie

To many casual observers, it would appear that Romney’s smear campaign has been very effective against his Conservative opponents. After all, he’s won three states handily, hasn’t he? These wins are thereby serving as something the Romney camp can point to as evidence of a claim that their camp has made all along, which is that their guy is not only the most electable against Obama in the fall, he is the only electable candidate the RNC can run against Obama in the fall. If he can mop up with Newt so easily, certainly he’ll have no problem against Obama, right? Or so they’d lead you to believe. But that line of reasoning doesn’t hold up. Romney will in fact be our weakest candidate against Obama, and here’s why.

Reason number 1: Romney is a Republican and Obama is a Democrat. Romney pulled a nifty trick by getting Coulter in his pocket, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen a Republican so thoroughly attempt to annihilate a fellow Republican, before the race even began, as Coulter did and continues to do with Newt. Clearly, it is her opinion that the public – dare I say the Tea Party – cannot be trusted with picking our nominee. And while the masterful orchestration of negative headlines, photos and outright false testimony given enormous space and time on The Drudge Report seems to be effectively reinforcing every slanderous accusation the Romney camp floats out, the Drudge/Coulter cabal will seem silly in comparison to the left’s arsenal. Do you really believe that any amount of sway, even if it is total in extent, that Drudge/Coulter will have on their readers will be any match against: NBC; CBS; ABC; CNN; Bill Maher; Jon Stewart; Jay Leno; The guy that looks like Alfred E. Newman, Saturday Night Live; Every cool musician/rock star; All the young and beautiful actors/actresses; sly references on tv sit-coms; et, al.?

Reason number 2: Romney is a rich white guy and Obama is a black guy from a broken family. Given America’s history, the onslaught of negative and spurious campaigning that Romney seems to rely heavily upon will not be tolerated easily even by Romney’s most ardent supporters. His party is going to be forced to wear his campaign tactics like a damp coat, as something we can’t wait to throw off and dry out. Ick!

Reason number 3: Romney will need cash and Obama won’t. Romney gained a victory in Florida by outspending his closest opponent 4 to 1. He ran 65 ads to Newt’s 1 and the vast majority of them were negative. To give you an idea of what an ineffective method of campaigning this is, Newt received 162 votes for every $1000 his campaign spent while Romney received 50 votes for every $1000 spent, according to figures released by the Washington Times. Mostly disturbingly, turnout was suppressed in every county Romney won. Does Romney really expect to win against Obama by suppressing turnout? Currently, Romney is able to drown his opponents in a sea of money and then ride atop the Drudge/Coulter fantasy float as Prom King of a sham Tea Party Parade. But, be certain that he will loose this advantage handily in the general election. Obama will outspend Romney 3 to 1. Again, Romney’s grand strategy of outspending his opponents by whatever fantastic sum it takes to secure the nomination will be met by Obama’s grand strategy of outspending him by whatever fantastic sum it takes to secure a second term. Obama will win against that strategy because Obama will have many times more in money and resources to spend. Most frightening is that it seems evident that Romney has no other tricks up his sleeve.

Romney will loose against Obama. It is as plain as day. That’s why we need a people strategy and not a money strategy. That’s why we need bold ideas and not timid ideas that only seek to manage the decline.

by C. C. Kurzeja 2012 All Rights Reserved


Justine said...

I <3 you so much, it ain't funny -- but that doesn't stop Newt from being a basket case. So, let's talk about Santorum's victories last night. Interesting and heartening, no? Plus, I'm still keeping fingers crossed for an 1880-style convention upset. How can we get Sarah P. to give an nominating address? Hugs and multus amor (and so happy to see you posting again! More, please.)!

Flicka Spumoni said...

My Dear Friend! Hey there;
Yes, Mitt was dealt a humiliating blow and that does my heart good! Santorum is my second choice, but more on that later...
And what is so "basket case" about Newt, huh? Just because he wants to blow up the moon to put all the nations of the world on notice not to mess with us? Oh, wait. No. Someone else said that....
By the way, somebody's birthday is coming up. I bet she wants official Newt campaign merchandise...