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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My Why

I ran across this little ditty as I was cleaning out my files. I wrote this for an assignment I was given in a script writing class I took over the internet. The intent was to help us grasp the concept of "why" in a movie, what it's all about, or the reason behind it. I thought I'd put it out there for public consumption before deleting it forever.
A little background is needed in order to put my assignment into context. Richard is the instructor as I've already stated and Judith was my sole classmate. Richard had submitted his "why" as an example for us to look over. His was several pages long, began hundreds of millions of years ago in the primordial swamp and was imbued by post modern thought.
Don't try to sing this though, you'll only end up hurting yourself.

Dear Richard,

You are very philosophical and complex and I am not. "See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ." I've been taken captive according to Christ. I'm sure you'll find me to be simplistic. But if you want to know my heart and soul, here it goes.

Why? Because He first loved me, as the song goes. I am because I am thought me, and before the foundations of the earth were laid, predestined me, and called me according to His purpose, and justified me and glorified me.

I cannot over emphasize this: I am a person deeply changed be the love of God in Christ Jesus. I have been touched by a heavenly Father who, "watches me with His eye upon me, and instructs me and counsels me in the way I should go." He heals my deepest wounds, and He restores my soul. I love Him. I simply cannot talk about the depth of the riches of His grace towards me in Christ Jesus, or His abundant mercy towards me, or the gentleness of His rod of correction on me without crying. This sounds totally corny to you, but it's true.

And my why animates my every thought and deed. I am compelled by the love of God and I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation, first for the Jew and then for the gentile. I can attest to that power.

I live to "glorify God and enjoy Him forever" as the Westminster Shorter Catechism goes. I didn't write it, but I own it. I've adopted it and it is my purpose.

But it is only my broad purpose. I am persuaded by scripture that I have a distinct purpose, that God created me with talents and interests for a reason. For: "...you are His workmanship...created...for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them." And, "I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord..." And, "Show me the work of my hands, O Lord. Yes, confirm to me the work of my hands."

And so exploring my talents, using my creativity is an act of worship for me. And being known by you and Judith and knowing you and Judith is acting in the very image of God. It is an act of love.

And love is my ultimate truth.

And so that's my why. What's yours? Do tell.


digitalcowboy said...

You're a crazy hippy lovin' Jesus freak!

Flicka Spumoni said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Thanks for stopping by and making me laugh.

Lady Rosemary said...

I commend you on your bravery for posting such a statement/feeling/belief. I used to be a worship leader, but I seem to have lost my faith, don't let anyone rock you from your firm stance. -- The Lady

Anonymous said...

well said my friend flicka.

Arielle said...

Lady Rosemary,

You might want to examine what your faith was truly in before worrying over losing it - perhaps it wasn't faith in our loving Father, but faith in religion. Seek a real relationship with Father and I think you'll find yourself standing on some solid ground. I'll be praying for you!

WOOHAA said...

digital cowboys mean!!
good job flika!!!!

Flicka Spumoni said...

What author erased you, woohaa? Not me.

And thanks.

Garrett said...

I find DigitalCowboy's comments ironic because I was thinking "Jesus lovin' hippy freak...with an incredible talent for writing" but then I rebuked myself because no one deserves to be lumped in with hippies, and what would Flicka care if I labeled her a Jesus Freak? There aint no denyin' the truth.

So I am therefore left with the conlcusion that today is indeed a good day because I have found a blog by an author whose writing style is similar to mine (if I may be allowed to flatter myself here, and if not, then I beg forgiveness from all), and who - like me - likes to write scripture into writings without necessarily pointing out the biblical location because - and this is just speculation or, more to the point, projection - the precepts of the Word are a part of her and so she writes them into her own writing without separating them with an address. If you ("you" in this sense meaning "anyone") truly do meditate upon the Word day and night, when you rise up and when you lay down, and in all times between, then it flows from within you as easily as any other words you write.

In short: me likey.

And, either because I identify with it or wish I could put it so beautifully, I find your "why" very similar to mine.

Anonymous said...

Note to Lady Rosemary:

My faith in God has been shaken from time to time throughout my life, but I am exceedingly glad that God never allowed me to lose it completely. What I have lost faith in is man(kind), but then I think God allowed for this because he wants my eyes on Him, and no one else. I suspect your loss of faith stems not from God, but from being burned by your fellow man. If it would help, I'd be glad to exhange stories with you; examples where Christians have let me down - severely - with the twofold purpose of demonstrating that you are not alone and that the choices people make aren't necessarily God's fault.
Seek Christ again, I promise you He will restore your Faith in Him. As for your faith in man... no promises.

garrett said...

Hey, how come my comments aren't up?

Flicka Spumoni said...


I only now read your comment today, 7/10/05.

You write the nicest comments. But, where is your blog? How do I see your writing?

I hope you recieve this message...