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Friday, March 16, 2012

Santorum: Immigration Hypocracy

Here's the thing: I have no intention of taking up an eligibility fight with Santorum. If Obama can be a natural born citizen even though his father was not an American, so can Rick. And that goes for any of our other GOP candidates. I'm talking 'bout you, Rubio.

But, this is where I have a problem: When Newt outlined a very bold, aggressive approach to dealing with our fluid borders and the illegal alien crisis we are facing today, Rick and Mitt both accused Newt of being flat-out pro-illegal alien because he included a very practical, reality-grounded approach to dealing with those particular, aging aliens who have deep roots in their respective communities and are otherwise law-abiding.

To be clear, Newt advocated passing a comprehensive national immigration bill. He said he'd control the border. He said he'd make English the official language of government. He be very pro legal immigration. He'd create a legal worker program that would be outsourced to American Express, Visa, or Matercard (remember, he is the Science and Technology Candidate) in order to avoid the kind of fraud you'd have with a federal bureaucracy and he'd be tough on American employers who hired illegals.

In addition, he'd create a way for illegals who are now in their senior years to begin a path to legality (emphatically, not citizenship) - legality- so that they can stay in America with limited rights that, importantly, do not include the right to vote but spare them from being separated from their children, grandchildren and beloved communities in their waning years. This path to citizenship would not be decided in Washington by a bunch of bureaucrats, but through a local citizen advisory board.

Who better to decide if someone gets to pursue a path to legality than the neighbors who've lived among them for decades?

For this, Mitt and Rick accused him of outright supporting amnesty. This was a grossly dishonest accusation especially since their solution to this problem was simply to ignore it.

But, in light of the fact that Rick's grandmother was not a citizen, I believe it was the height of hypocrisy for him to slander Newt in that way, also.

Let me tell you about my Grandma Blue Eyes and why I take this issue so personally. Grandma came to America from Paisley, Scotland through Ellis Island along with her sisters and family when she was five.

Sometime during the war, all her sisters and she had fulfilled all the requirements and classes needed to become American citizens. When the day came for the big test and swearing-in ceremony, she was ill and could not go with her sisters. All her sisters became citizens that day but she did not.

And then fear seized her. The kind of fear that wasn't healthy and that she struggled with for most of her life. You see, she was married and had a child, the only one out of her sisters with such attachments. If she went back to get her test and failed, she'd be deported and separated from her family.

She was simply terrified to fail. So days became weeks became months and instead of taking the test she decided to just pretend she was at that ceremony with her sisters and granted citizenship with them.

That's how she became an undercover illegal alien.

She was married to a p51 fighter pilot who served in WWII, raised four wonderful, law-abiding children and lived and worked in America her whole life without ever voting or receiving public aid. Her children all work and have families and contribute to society and none have ever received public aid. Now, her grandchildren (of which I am one) have families and are productive members of society who deeply love and are devoted to this country.

She loved this country deeply and was a sterling citizen.

If, in the years proceeding the war, it was Scots who had created an unsustainable, illegal invasion of our country to such a degree that Americans were facing bankruptcy supporting them, Mitt and Rick would be fine and dandy deporting Grandma Blue Eyes along with all the other illegals who came to America and did nothing but take from us and break our laws.

Under a Mitt of Rick presidency, there would be no distinction between Grandma Blue Eyes and someone who stole over our borders last year with his pregnant wife and made hard-working, decent Americans pay for his healthcare and the cost of delivering his baby.

In light of this, Newt is not only looking like the most compassionate, practical candidate who deals with problems as they are and not as we wish them to be, but the only sane one as well.

by C. C. Kurzeja 2012 All Rights Reserved

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I'm With Gingrich

The Illinois primary is tomorrow and I can't wait to go out and cast a vote for Newt. Here's why:

*15% Optional Flat tax - Conservatives have been whining about the overbearing tax code and the bloated IRS bureaucracy for years. A flat tax would eliminate loopholes and reduce the amount and need for an IRS auditing board leaving Americans much more free in regards to their personal finances.

If Newt goes the flat tax goes not only for this election but also possibly for our lifetimes.

*12.5% Corporate Income Tax - This would compete with the lowest tax rates in the world and would invite all the money sitting out on the sidelines, watching in horror as Europe goes down in ashes, to invest in America. Neither Mitt nor Rick come close to this tax rate.

If Newt goes, competing on a global level with that tax rate goes not only for this election but also possibly for our lifetimes.

*Eliminating the EPA - If Newt goes so does the prospect of eliminating the EPA, one of the most destructive forces against entrepreneurship in America today, as he is the only candidate raising that issue. This may be the only opportunity in our lifetimes to do so.

*Federal Reserve Audit - If Newt goes so does the prospect of auditing the Federal Reserve not only for this election but possibly for our lifetimes. Mitt and Rick have refused to even broach this subject. To be clear, a thorough and public auditing of the Fed would result in a universal uprising to eliminate that unconstitutional board that no politician could oppose. Then, we would no longer be left with a lone voice crying out in the darkness every now and again against that board, but we would be a nation of irate and determined people demanding that the Fed be dismantled.

*Optional Private Social Security Account - If Newt goes so does our opportunity to choose an optional, private Social Security account fashioned after the Chilean model not only for this election but possibly for our lifetimes. Mitt and Rick want to keep Social Security more or less status quo.

*Privatize NASA - If Newt goes so does our opportunity to privatize NASA. Mitt and Rick mocked Newt's bold vision for America's space program but offered no option to reform and modernize what is now a behemoth bureaucracy.

Newt can win if we can keep any of the other candidates from getting past 1000 delegates, as this excellent video from CNN demonstrates. We are in the midst of the most exciting primary of any of our lifetimes. The fight has just begun and we can begin the long process of restoring American's constitutional liberties with this election. And it has to do with a whole mess more than just repealing Obamacare, although it must start there.

When we get to the middle of June without a clear winner, all bets are off. It will be time to reset the game. In essence the primary race will have just begun. That's when a true conservative with big, bold ideas can rise up to lead this nation back to its Constitutional limits. Newt doesn't want to manage Washington, as Mitt and Rick seem to want to do. He wants to tear down the Secular-Left Machine, as articulated in the superb video. And that's why I'm with Newt. I hope you consider joining me.

by C. C. Kurzeja2012 All Rights Reserved

The Innovative Candidate

Newt is for utilizing science and technology to fundamentally transform our systems of government and economy into the most competitive, life-enhancing models in the history of mankind. This is why I continue to be with Newt.
Notice, how deftly he answers Obama's inane assertion that Republicans are somehow pro "flat-earth" in this video.

by C. C. Kurzeja 2012 All Rights Reserved

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Stupidity of Maher

Ha! Your facts are wrong, Bill. A fact is a form of knowledge, isn't it?
It's the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, not the Tree of Knowledge. There is a big difference. It was knowledge of a very specific kind being produced by that tree, whatever it was, not knowledge in general that God forbade.
The Bible actually encourages reasoning, understanding, wisdom and knowledge. Isaiah 1:18 says, "Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord." And Proverbs 24:3, 4 says, "By wisdom a house is built; And by understanding it is established. And by knowledge the rooms are filled with all pleasant and precious riches."
But, then you'd have to pull your nose out of your porn stack and actually read the Bible in order to know that.
It also happened to be through understanding and by acquiring knowledge and applying wisdom that deeply Christian men (possibly even more devout than Santorum) such as Copernicus, Bacon, Kepler, Galileo, Pascal, Newton, to name but a few, uncovered the workings of our universe bringing us into the modern era. But, what would they know, they're just some of the most prodigious thinkers in Western Civilization, not really important snark-show hosts like you.
Your success can only be attributed to your astoudingly ignorant audience. But, we shouldn't be to harsh. They most likely didn't have the advantage of being homeschooled.
by C. C. Kurzeja 2012 All Rights Reserved

Friday, March 02, 2012

About Brietbart's 2010 CPAC Speech

At this moment in time, he had just busted open wide the fake, hypocritical facade on ACORN. He forced a story on the world that the mainstream media did not want to and tried very hard not to cover. And in so doing made undeniably clear the criminal and downright abhorrent activities in which our leading community organizers were involved.

Maybe being an community organizer wasn't as patriotic as being one of our Founding Fathers as the mainstream media had led our nation to believe during the previous election. Maybe being a community organizer wasn't a qualification for president, after all.

He investigated the left using their own tactics and exposed them for the rot gut that they are. He showed us how our tax money works for their nefarious purposes. We knew the left used our money to cushion their own paychecks and secure their own rock star lifestyles. But, not even the most cynical among us, however, was prepared for the level of street thuggery ensconced in that Democrat money laundering scheme. No one was quiet prepared to watch our tax dollars go towards helping someone start a brothel using underage sex slaves.

But, it got better.

In so dong, he didn't just expose ACORN. He exposed the secular-left machine, as every well-oiled part from those in government, to the media, to academia cried foul at Breitbart's tactics and not the criminal activity entrenched in the culture at ACORN.

To hell with those teenage sex slaves, not to mention women's rights. An ACORN employee was filmed without consent!

And in so doing, he showed us how to fight. This is how Conservatives go on offense, baby.

I fell in love the moment he opened his mouth and kept falling in love with every new utterance.

I can't put my finger on my favorite moment. They are all my favorite, from when he declares war on mainstream media and tells them we're on to them, to when he credits drunkenness from saving him from leftist propaganda during his college years, to his epiphany on the Frankfurt school and the depressive left's determination to destroy the utopia they found in golden era Hollywood where they settled after fleeing Nazi Germany.

It's all great. Enjoy. Remember. And, fight on!

by C. C. Kurzeja 2012 All Rights Reserved

The Moment I Fell In Love

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Let Me Count The Ways...

Oh, Mr. Big, how I did love thee... Never more so than when he was taking on Hollywood and pop culture in general, as in this video.

by C. C. Kurzeja2012 All Rights Reserved