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Friday, March 02, 2012

About Brietbart's 2010 CPAC Speech

At this moment in time, he had just busted open wide the fake, hypocritical facade on ACORN. He forced a story on the world that the mainstream media did not want to and tried very hard not to cover. And in so doing made undeniably clear the criminal and downright abhorrent activities in which our leading community organizers were involved.

Maybe being an community organizer wasn't as patriotic as being one of our Founding Fathers as the mainstream media had led our nation to believe during the previous election. Maybe being a community organizer wasn't a qualification for president, after all.

He investigated the left using their own tactics and exposed them for the rot gut that they are. He showed us how our tax money works for their nefarious purposes. We knew the left used our money to cushion their own paychecks and secure their own rock star lifestyles. But, not even the most cynical among us, however, was prepared for the level of street thuggery ensconced in that Democrat money laundering scheme. No one was quiet prepared to watch our tax dollars go towards helping someone start a brothel using underage sex slaves.

But, it got better.

In so dong, he didn't just expose ACORN. He exposed the secular-left machine, as every well-oiled part from those in government, to the media, to academia cried foul at Breitbart's tactics and not the criminal activity entrenched in the culture at ACORN.

To hell with those teenage sex slaves, not to mention women's rights. An ACORN employee was filmed without consent!

And in so doing, he showed us how to fight. This is how Conservatives go on offense, baby.

I fell in love the moment he opened his mouth and kept falling in love with every new utterance.

I can't put my finger on my favorite moment. They are all my favorite, from when he declares war on mainstream media and tells them we're on to them, to when he credits drunkenness from saving him from leftist propaganda during his college years, to his epiphany on the Frankfurt school and the depressive left's determination to destroy the utopia they found in golden era Hollywood where they settled after fleeing Nazi Germany.

It's all great. Enjoy. Remember. And, fight on!

by C. C. Kurzeja 2012 All Rights Reserved

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