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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hacking Into Big Sis's Blog!

Have you ever wondered why Flicka Spumoni does not share her brilliance with us more often?  I, too, have wondered such things, and I think it might be because she's got those five kids and actually does real, serious writing for actual people when she has the time and does not waste a lot of time blathering away on her blog like some writers I know.  Still, though, I think it is rather cruel that she withholds her stellar insights and witty expressions thereof from us.  What ought we to do to encourage her to throw us a bone here on Blogger every now and then? 

I'm thinking: cupcakes.  Yep, lots and lots of cupcakes covered in frosting and those little multi-colored dot sprinkly things.  What do you think?  Maybe add in an enticing bottle of red wine?  We promise her that, if she writes at least one time per month on this here blog thingy, we will supply her with a dozen cupcakes and one bottle of red wine.  Serious writers tend to like wine -- so I hear, at least, never having been a serious writer in my life -- and no one can resist a cupcake.

So, in the spirit of taking the first step toward doing the right thing (instead of running away from the right thing and cowering under my bed as is my usual wont), I hereby offer the first delivery of cupcakes and wine: 

Who's with me here, yo?
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