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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ode to Mom

I have the world's best mother.

We all say that, don't we? At least those of us who have great mothers.

"But it's true!" I say, and you say when you read this, "My mother is the best!"
And it is true. Your mother is the best- to you. And, I have the world's best mother. We can all be right on this matter.

The thing I most appreciate about my mom is the spiritual guidance and support she gives me as an adult. I can always count on her to lead me in the paths of righteousness for His name sake. Not for my sake, or my over fed ego, but for His name's sake. You can never go wrong submitting your life to God's word and my mother knows this. So whatever the issue, whatever the obstacle, my mother always points me like a beacon back to God's word and His will for my life and buttresses me while I walk in the Way. Because, sometimes it can be tough.

But, nothing is too tough, or too long, or too high, or too wearisome when you have a constant friend by your side, and that is what my mom is to me.

I love how goofy she is and the way she makes me laugh when we embark on an adventure with my kids.

I love the way she teaches my children truth and loves them. They are so lucky to have her. They are as blessed to have her as a Grandma as I am to have her as a mom.

I love how youthful and spry she is. She is not only beautiful and young looking - "Oh, my gosh! Christy, that's your mom? I thought she was your sister!" - She is full of boundless energy. She can keep up with any toddler with a dirty diaper, any baby who wants to go to certain places but only when she is on your hip, and any five year old who's forcing you to listen to him count to a "google". And still be able to say to me at the end of the day, when the kids are in bed and I'm like putty that needs to be scraped off the floor, "I've got two more days here. I can tear that wall paper down and prime the walls if you let me."

I love that, at fifty-something, she's just getting started. God is growing her, every day, every year. She's like a one woman evangelizing machine. Every time she flies (she is a flight attendant, The-Flying-Nun) she witnesses, prays, shares the Gospel. It is truly faith building to see the people God brings into my mother's life, and the way she is faithful to her calling. I expect exciting things in the future.

Her mother rises up and calls her blessed, her husband rises up and calls her blessed, her employer rises up and calls her blessed, her friends rise up and call her blessed. It is no surprise that her children should also.

Mother, you are wonderful, lovely, an example to strive for. You not only gave me life, you make my life something special.

Happy Mothers Day!

by C. C. Kurzeja
2005 All Rights Reserved

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